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Strategy & Delivery

Strategy and Delivery

Since 2005, consumer goods manufacturers, distributors and retailers have hired Kittim Consulting to develop a manufacturing and distributor strategy that solves problems and uncovers profitable opportunities – and then see through its delivery. Servicing clients that range from small and mid-cap manufacturers to Fortune 1000 companies, our tiered approach drives value throughout an enterprise or within a specific function.

Six strategic areas comprise the cornerstones of our comprehensive strategic solutions:

•  Operational Optimization;
•  Enterprise Resource Planning;
•  Information Technology;
•  Offshore and Nearshore Development;
•  Project Management and Training; and
•  Change Management

We don’t hand off a strategic plan and walk away when seamless execution is most crucial. We implement critical components for you or guide your employees as they execute the plan. When appropriate, we objectively identify and bring in the right third-party resources.

We adhere to best practices, but we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, our tiered approach drives value while adapting to your operations, your specific situation, and your bottom-line goals.