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Information Technology

Information Technology

We are a gateway to China – the No. 2 economy in the world – for manufacturers and distributors seeking to cut costs through custom IT solutions. With its largely untapped talent pool, expanding infrastructure, and an increasingly significant role in the global economy, China is leading the wave of superior offshore outsourcing. Along with our exclusive partner, we create global development centers that provide:

•  Application Services
    –  Development
    –  Maintenance
    –  Support
    –  Monitoring
    –  Legacy System Modernization

•  Testing & QA Services
    –  Test Planning and Design
    –  Automated Test Scripts Development
    –  Automated Testing
    –  Manual Testing
    –  Test Reporting
    –  Defect Management
    –  Build Management

•  Project Management Services

•  Change Management Services
    –  Training
    –  Implementation

With an English-only policy, a “zero defects” mission, and a minimum 130 IQ as an employment requirement, we bridge geographic and cultural divides that connect you to the world’s most respected manufacturing and distributor technology experts. Furthermore, with both CMMi Level 5 and ISO 27001 security certifications you are assured of a partner that is committed to budget accountability, quality, security, and transparency.